Friday, January 25, 2013

5 Love Languages

One of the gals I talk to on twitter pretty recently married her boyfriend/fiance of almost 4 years (if my memory serve me correctly). First off lets give them a round of applause for being role models of courtship, in today's world people get married like its nothing and barely date beforehand! Anyways, her aunt recommended this book to them just before they were to be wed. She tweeted about how excited she was to get into it after looking at the website.

I am secretly and avidly curious about anthropology and LOVE reading books on the human condition, relationships and how we as humans develop while growing up!

Hubby bought me a brand spanking new iPad as an early birthday present last week. The screen is huge! I did some comparisons on which app I would like best and decided to go with the Kindle app from Amazon. (They have a wonderful selection of books and you don't even have to have an e-reader or tablet! You can read their books straight from your computer or smartphone)

Finally, curiosity got the best of me after following Emily's tweets about this amazing book! I went to go check it out on Amazon, and this is what I found...

His two most influential books for the price of one! When you follow the link it will take you to the Amazon page! You can download it for your e-reader, phone, or computer, and put it on any device you want. 

Why I love this book

  1. It's an easy read  most "anthropology" books can be confusing and really technical! These are written so anybody can understand them.
  2. You instantly click with the book  The first two chapters prepare you for the rest of the book, but once you finish the first page, you're hooked. The way Gary presents the 5 Love Languages is so stinking easy to understand and relate you, you just can't put it down.
  3. He doesn't lecture you Through the whole book, not once does he say its your fault that you're not speaking your partners love language! This book will not make you feel like crap. It is a tool to be used to benefit your relationship! Everyone was raised differently and has different expectations for what a relationship is like. This book shows you how to see eye to eye with your partner so that everybody's "love tank" is full
Have you read a book recently on love, relationships or marriage that has radically influenced you? I'd love to take a peek at it!
Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on the 5 Love Languages?

Victoria || Marine Wifey

Saturday, January 12, 2013

10 Improvements in 12 months

  1. Get Organized!

    Why? It will lower your stress levels, help you balance your daily activities and will help you manage your time better!

    Buy a Planner or Desk Calendar! Check out these Planner Systems I love!
      • Uncalendar - This is for the Ultimate OCD Person that doesn't want to get crazy creative with their Organization, the best All-In-One Planner in my book!
      • Arc System by Staples - This is what use now and I LOVE the Versatility!
             Try using a new phone app to help you! Try these out!
      • Google Calendar - Sync & Share your Calendar and Tasks with Friends and Family through email. Available for iOS and Android
      • Agenda Calendar - Super Organization! Available for iOS and Android! 
  2. Get Some Exercise!

    Why? "Exercise produces Endorphins. Endorphins make people happy! Happy people don't just shoot their Husbands!" -Legally Blonde

    Guess what? ITS TRUE!! You can look on the internet, you can ask people at the gym, or you can even ask me! Exercise just makes you feel refreshed! (Why do you think the Military makes our men do PT so often? They're trying to force them to be happy! :D )

    Just start by being active, this could be something as simple as taking the dog on an extra long walk, doing and hours worth of window shopping walking around the mall or even just some extra sex for those of us that are married! ;] 

    Want something more hands on? That doesn't mean you need to become a body builder or you have to be a gym rat! Try working out at home or with some girlfriends!

    Pinterest basically makes finding the perfect workout for you the easiest thing ever!! They have a whole category dedicated to Health and Fitness, hmmm I wonder why! No matter what kind of workout schedule you're looking for I'm pretty sure you can find it on Pinterest! 

    Need some inspiration to get you started? Check out my Pin Board Fit > Skinny here.
  3. Eat REAL Food!

    Why? It's simple. Real food gives you real energy. Junk Food is just going to make you feel energized or hyper for a bit and then you'll crash and feel worse than before. Just make the right decision from the start, "Do I really need a bowl of chips, or should I just have a handful of almonds"

    If you're trying to lose weight, remember, the way you eat accounts for up to 80% of your results!!
    Keep your current diet and look at how much excess food/calories/fat you're intaking! Then get rid of everything that is unhealthy in your house, JUST DO IT! All you have to do is throw it all in a bag and toss it out! Simple!

    Try My Fitness Pal! It's an amazing App and Website that helps you track your food intake and calorie expenditure. You can even just scan the barcodes of things you eat to add it in! I and half the people at the gym I used to work at swear by this app!
  4. Find and Outlet!

    Why? Everybody gets Angry, Angsty, Anxious, Sad, Depressed, Stressed and/or Lethargic, its human nature! Find an outlet so you don't project those feelings and emotions onto the people around you.

    Remember attitudes are contagious, don't spread a bad one.

    Find something that helps you relax!
      • Reading a Book
      • Join a Soccer League
      • Start a Blog
      • Journal about it
      • Clean the house
  5. Smile More!

    Why? Let me just list a few reasons why!
      • It can help relieve stress
      • It can actually make you happy
      • We are born being able to smile, its not something we learn, its natural for us!
      • Smiling is contagious, spread the happiness!
      • Smiles are more attractive than makeup

    How? You just do it! Don't be a grumpy cat!

    Need something to make you smile? Check out the Daily Haha for some pictures that will make you giggle!
  6. Be Helpful!

    Why? GOOD KARMA! What you put out into the world, will come back to you eventually! Not only that but helping people less fortunate than you will help you to remember to be grateful for the things you have!

      • Volunteer at a siblings school
      • Volunteer at the a local animal shelter
      • Buy a hot chocolate and sandwich for a Homeless person
      • Check on your husbands/boyfriends base to see if you can volunteer at any upcoming events! Even if its just helping out at another units family day.
  7. Sleep More! 

    Why? & How? I'll let the picture explain! Click to enlarge! or view it Here on Pinterest!

  8. Goof Off Sometimes!

    Why? Because it's fun. It can reduce the risk of heart disease and the best memories in life always come from those stupid things you do with people you love. 

      • Use your imagination! Play princes and princesses with your nieces and nephews or children or siblings
      • Play a board game!
      • Build a Pillow or Blanket Fort
      • Color a coloring book
      • Draw a mustache on your husbands face while hes taking a nap after he gets home from work ;P
  9. Don't Be Afraid of Change!

    Why? Everything happens for a reason. If something is changing in your life, trust that the universe has a plan for you. Even if it doesn't seem like something that's going to benefit you, it will... eventually! Have Faith!

    It's okay to worry sometimes! Things will always change in some fashion, just take it one step at a time and work through it. 
      •  Do research, see if someone else has been through what you're going through, chances are there is! Maybe they can give you some advice.
      • Make a list of all the good things that can come from change
      • Reflect on past changes in your life and where they led you, remember that even though you didn't see the plan at first, things always work out.

  10. Seize The Day!

    Why? Never put something off until tomorrow that you can do today! Sometimes you just need to be spontaneous! If you know you have the extra money, BUY THE SHOES! (you can always return them if it was a total mistake!)

    Plan to do something you've never done before, why? Just because you can! Appreciate every day and always live life to the fullest, it ends all too soon.

      • Run an Obstacle or Mud course with friends
      • Go skydiving
      • Hit a piantball park
      • Go Bowling
      • BUY THE PURSE!
      • Make cookies
      • Insert-something-spontaneous-that-you-never-thought-you-would-do-here

    What other things are you doing to make your life easier this year?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Time for a Face Lift

So New Year means resolutions and lifestyle changes for 90% of people!
This year Hubby and I made a pretty big list of resolutions but one of my personal ones this year is to stay on top of this blog! Chris and I have a ton of things going on, and I'm really excited to share it with all of you. As a Christmas present, while my dad was in town he set me up with my own domain name--

For now it just reroutes to this blog but in the (hopefully near) future it will be taking you to a new and improved full website where the blog is just a feature!!

So because I've been slacking on posting for you guys, and I've been buried in Design programs, web coding and photo editing; I figured I'd combine both and give you this post!

Thank you to all the lovely ladies on twitter that helped me pick a Color Scheme!

Here's a sneak peek of the website I'm designing! 
(I know its not all lined up and some of the fonts are a little wonky, it's not done yet, go easy on me!)

Please, please, please let me know what you think!

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Marine Wifey || Victoria

P.S. I am looking for other Military/Marine Wives, Girlfriends, Fiancees, and Family members to link up with, feature on the site and provide products for giveaways! Or if you just have a suggestion for the site please contact me!!